Our expert for China: Wen Nesseler

New tasks at coepto

For a long time, China has been an important partner and production location to us. It was a logical next step to have our own local office there, more specifically in Shenzhen. The person in charge: Wen Nesseler.

The Chinese native has already been working in our headquarters with great passion. Clearly her mother language skills are a great advantage. But not only that – As a former procurement consultant in one of the most renowned German supply chain consulting companies, she has long-term experience in the management of supply chains. Similar to this, she is supporting us in our current supplier relationships with China.

With her communication skills, her knowledge and her understanding of the Chinese mentality, she ensures that we deliver the required quality to our customers. Without a doubt we can say: Wen Nesseler removes barriers, shortens routes, and brings Asia and Germany closer to each other.
Wen came to Germany for studying and remained because of love. Lucky for us. Because of her helpful nature, her authenticity, know-how, and of course her excellent sushi, she enriches coepto enormously.

Some key facts regarding Wen Nesseler: Born in Beijing. Diploma in business administration and media communications in Germany. Her responsibility: Regional Manager Asia-Pacific. This includes the management of the office, procurement of materials and logistics, and the management of production and quality control. Besides native Chinese, she speaks excellent English and German.

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